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what medical conditions qualify for window tint

Tinting your car windows make it look classy and have an appealing look. However, did you know that some medical conditions may require you to tint your car windows? Tinting your car windows has some medical and health benefits such as blocking harmful UV rays as well as heat from the scorching sun, which can make your vision blurry as you drive. These are not the only medical conditions that may get you authorized for a car tint as they include many more. The article will pinpoint some more for you so that if you have any of them, you may think about tinting your car windows with a prescribed film.

What are some of these medical conditions that qualify for car tinting? They include the following:

Cockayne syndrome

Characterized by accelerated aging and sensitivity to light, this genetic disease is caused by a delay in development and neurological dysfunction, mainly in kids. The sun can be quite a bother if your kids have this disease, thus tinting your car windows to prevent direct exposure is necessary. Once the skin of your children gets exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun, the DNA in his or her genes get impaired, and cells may not be able to repair them as a corrective measure. This is what leads to premature aging, and continuous exposure can also lead to skin cancer which is the last thing you want for your little angle. By tinting your car windows, you can block upto 96% of these rays hence you can contain the genetic disease.

Systemic Lupus

Its also referred to as SLE or lupus, and it becomes an issue once a patient suffering from it is exposed to UV rays. As a result, one may suffer from Arthritis, kidney-related problems, painful rashes as well as fever. These symptoms can be caused by any minor exposure, which makes the condition quite sensitive as you drive. Tinting your windows become inevitable for you if you need to stay healthy and not get any problematic symptoms that can render you on a hospital bed. As a patient suffering from SLE, tinting is the best way to go about it since you get to protect yourself fully and not have to worry about driving as you ail from the disease.


Albinism is a skin condition that is caused by lack of enough melanin on the skin. Melanin is an important pigment on the skin and prevents any harm caused by exposure to UV rays since it absorbs it, thus by your body not being able to produce enough of it, your skin cell becomes vulnerable. Albinism is an inherited condition and can occur on part or whole body; thus, protection from these harmful rays would be important. Apart from the skin only being affected, this condition causes some serious harm to the eyes, especially when exposed to direct sunlight; thus you may find people ailing from it with sunglasses most of the time. However, as you drive, tinting your car windows will help you secure your skin and eyes from exposure, thus feeling safe. Exposure may cause one suffering from the inherited condition to feel some pain on the skin, which can turn red and sour, which is continuously exposed, can lead to cancer.

Solar urticaria

Some people are allergic to the sun and its rays even though the condition is not as painful as the rest. However, you may have to protect your skin from exposure still since this condition can turn out itchy and cause some serious irritation for an hour before getting back to normal. While you suffer from the disease, you can have a comfortable drive by having your car window tinted and this way the irritations and itchiness will be no bother whatsoever.

It’s also important to know the regulations set in car window tinting before you engage your vendor. After your physician advises or recommends a car window tint, make sure you conform to these regulations and get a film that is as prescribed.

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