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what do you do if your car window wont go up

Most people like driving their cars as their arms hang outside. However, what happens when your window gets stuck when you try closing it, but it is stuck. These might be due to several reasons: your windowpane falling off the track, broken window motor, corroded wiring, or a blown fuse. So, what do you do when you can window cannot go up anymore? In case you are worried, worry less since this article will take you through what to do if you are caught in search scenario.

If your car window cannot go up anymore, it is essential to run some examinations. The checklist below will enable you to identify the problem with your window’s car:

Press and pause

You need to press your window switch down and up as you keenly listen to the noise originating from within your car door. In case you hear the voice, it means that the switch is fully functioning, but there is malfunctioning on the window motor.

Amp it up

This can help you perfectly well in finding out what the issue might be with your window. In case the switch has the energy and is grounded. Note that the issue might be with the motor or wiring. On the other hand, if your window motor has the energy and is probably grounded and fails to roll up, your motor is likely to be damaged.

Examine the fuses

To examine the fuse, use your car’s manual to look for the fuse box and the corresponding energy fuse for your window. With this, you can locate any fuse that is blown and do a replacement with an immediate effect.

Check the window

Dial your window switch as you watch the gauges located on the dashboard. When the volt gauge leaps a minimal amount when you press the switch for your window, your switch is likely to have a problem.

Child safety lock

Your car window not going up might be due to a slight problem that seems to be noticeable. Therefore, examining your child safety lock might be the solution to your window. Ensure that the safety lock is inactivated since if it is activated, it will prevent your window from closing and opening.

What to do for your car window to go up

In case you experience such a problem, it is always crucial that you seek professional help. However, there are various ways of troubleshooting such a problem:

Palm your glass

  • Switch on the car: Your car ignition should be on a position set.
  • Sandwich glass: It is ideal for opening the window of your car and sandwiching the window’s car in the palms of your entire hands.
  • Use the assistance: If you have a friend, let her press as she holds the window button.
  • Lift your car window: It is appropriate to use a continuous pressure to press your window up using your hand’s palm. In case you are gripping your window, especially from its top for additional force, be careful not to hurt your fingers and hands.

Slam your door

  • Switch on your car on: It is appropriate that you make sure that your car ignition on the position set.
  • Press as you hold: Most of the time, it is ideal that you press your switch down, especially in a direction that you feel is appropriate. Ensure that you maintain your button depressed as you work on the other steps.
  • Slam the door: When your button is held down, slam your vehicle door; if it is not successful, repeat it once more. In case your window manages to roll up, avoid lowering it until the professionals assess it again.

However, you need to note that these troubleshooting methods are not an assurance until an expert evaluates your car. Furthermore, you should also note that windows can fail to go up due to mechanical problems.


Based on the above information, you are now familiar with what to do if your car window fails to go up. Thus, it always calls upon you to try and troubleshoot using the ways mentioned above on a temporary occasion. However, it is appropriate that you have your car checked with a professional. I hope you will be a beneficiary of this information in your attempt to understand what to do if your car window won’t go up.

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